The U.S.-CANADA SUMMIT served as the first forum to provide:


The participating delegates discussed the existing initiatives that govern the cross-border relationship and advanced actionable strategies (e.g., “the Columbus Declaration”) for current and future Canada-U.S. measures.


The U.S.-CANADA SUMMIT launched a round of sustainable, cross-border advocacy initiated by the private sector. The event provided an unrivaled, front-lines forum for engaging Canada-U.S. decision-makers at all levels of government.


The U.S.-CANADA SUMMIT provided the participating delegates with enhanced gateways and networks through which to conduct their cross-border activities, thereby mitigating the silos and stovepipes that customarily confront the Canada-U.S. stakeholder community.


The primary challenge confronting the bilateral relationship is the erosion of effective engagement mechanisms. The U.S.-Canada SUMMIT will create ownership and buy-in among participants critical to longevity.

The world is changing.
In a volatile economic and political environment, strength comes from cohesive and articulate ideas, coupled with tangible plans and effective communications.

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