Strength comes in partnerships

This inaugural Summit has been launched by more than 50 U.S., Canada, and cross-border business associations and stakeholder groups to examine the future of the Canada-U.S. relationship. The event developed a specific set of action items for the next U.S. Administration, Congress, and the Government of Canada, as well as regional, state, provincial, and local partners. The more than 300 attendees addressed the current status of the cross-border relationship in terms of advanced manufacturing, aerospace, agri-food, consumer products, and energy, as well as initiatives to expand trade and investment across the world’s longest safe and secure border. The Summit placed new emphasis on the future of binational relationships in areas such as additive manufacturing, innovation and R&D, labour mobility, and regional wellness. This first of its kind event concluded with the leading stakeholder groups meeting “under one roof” to develop an actionable set of deliverables for advancing the relationship in 2017 and beyond.

Columbus Statement on U.S.-Canadian Relations

Three-day“retreat” bringing together business, political and global thought leaders that served as the catalyst for an ongoing conversation and actionable strategy.
Expert and experienced panels comprised of “on the ground” professionals provided actual, concrete, recommendations for advancing the relationship.
Interactive, consensus building format of the conference served to identify, explore, and determine the leading issues for the future of the relationship.
Enhance communication and coordination between Canada-U.S. stakeholder groups and provide new tools for promoting the relationship.
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